Caresmith CHARGE Percussion Massage Gun | Deep Tissue Body Massage Machine For Pain Relief

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  • STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY | The Caresmith Charge is a scientifically calibrated hand-held body massager that uses advanced percussion therapy to release pain, muscle stiffness and soreness. This device also comes with a 12 Months Warranty
  • CORDLESS, ERGONOMIC & ULTRA-LIGHT | No wires, a rubberized non-slip handle & a feather-light weight of only 800 gms makes the Charge Massage Gun the most premium & easy to use massage machine for full body in the market.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR | The Charge comes with a formidable 12.6V, 24W High Torque Motor which can generate up to 3300 strokes per minute. That means the Massage Gun touches and comes off the body at an astounding rate of 55 times per second!
  • 6 VERSATILE HEADS | With 6 interchangeable heads, each targeting specific muscle groups, this massager vibration machine provides a deep muscle treatment for your entire body. No more awkward and hurried massage appointments; Comfortably treat your entire body in one go. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE | The Caresmith Massager Gun comes with a powerful 2500 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery which can last up to 5 hours on a single charge! Never run out of juice again.
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Charge Your Present
Surrender To The Power Of Percussion
No one loves the sound of a buzzing device. It’s the experience that matters. The Charge has a state-of-the-art noise reduction technology that will make your massage seamless and provide great end results.
Sore Muscles? Knot A Problem!
The Charge Massage Gun is a powerful massage device that comes with a strong carry case for you to take along anywhere. It’s a massage that can take place whenever and wherever. Isn’t that incredible?
Welcome Sight To A Sore Body
Beauty and versatility, these two words perfectly describe the Charge Massage Gun. The ergonomic design and rubberized non-slip handle of this device ensures a therapeutic massage that will provide immediate relief.
The Numbers Don’t Lie
Why wonder when you can see for yourself? The built-in LCD reflects the charge left in your device and also displays the intensity level you are at to treat your muscle aches. Being aware and transparent is always key, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Gunning For A Therapeutic Massage?
Charge Massage Gun, is a one-stop solution to your massaging requirement. This device can be used anywhere on your body to treat the aches, soreness and stiffness. The advanced percussion therapy will ensure deep penetration into your muscle; reinventing the idea of a perfect massage.
Speedy Recovery
Charge Massage Gun just as the name rightly suggests, charges your body and relieves extensive muscle pains. It flushes out the lactic acid buildup which accelerates muscle recovery and improves your energy within minutes!
Enhance Your Movement
The advanced percussive therapy treats deep into the inflamed muscle, enabling it to solve the problem from its very core. This improves your mobility and boosts your overall wellbeing!
Happiness Is The Charge Massage Gun
There is no hard and fast rule for body massages, but if you use the Charge regularly you allow yourself to experience lesser muscle aches and also slow down the process of ageing! Now, don’t you love the sound of this?
20 Degrees Of Relief
One simple touch, will increase or decrease the intensity of your massage. Caresmith Charge Massage Gun has 20 intensity levels, ranging from 1800 to 3300 strokes per minute; each catering to your customized requirement. One button decides the degree of your massage, it’s that simple!
Soreness and pain gone in a jiffy!
Choose a massage head and attach it by twisting while pushing into CHARGE head socket
Soreness and pain gone in a jiffy!
Press CHARGE power button to power on. Toggle the required intensity by pressing the center button repeatedly
Soreness and pain gone in a jiffy!
Hold CHARGE at 90 degree angle to the target area and gently apply pressure, moving CHARGE along the muscle