Caresmith CryoPress Ice Compression Wrap

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  • ICE + COMPRESSION THERAPY | Caresmith CryoPress uses a unique combination of ice therapy and compression to reduce pain and swelling from injuries such as sprains, strains, pulled muscles and pulled ligaments. CryoPress reaches deeper into the injured tissue compared to standard ice gel packs, leading to an active recovery from pain relief
  • SUPERIOR ICE PACK GEL | The CryoPress Ice Pack gel is made with high performance gel and comes with double insulation layers that ensures it remains cold for as long as 45 mins! Say goodbye to your old ice packs which melt within seconds.
  • BENEFITS OF COMPRESSION | Caresmith CryoPress comes with an inbuilt compression unit. Compression increases pressure on the injured area and increases skin contact of the ice gel pad. This ensures that the injured tissue reaches its lowest temperature faster and maintains its cool even after treatment ends, leading to a faster and better return of motion.
  • UNIVERSAL & VERSATILE | CryoPress comes with 3 detachable velcro strips of varying length. This enables you to ice any part of your body with ease. Always get a comfortable & snug fit with Caresmith CryoPress.
  • ALTERNATIVE USES | This device is also super effective in reducing symptoms of a variety of ailments such as fever, headaches, migraines, eye allergies and even weariness!
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Pump for Faster Recovery!
Pump in air to inflate the compression pad. This in turn presses against the ice pad and improves the surface contact with the injured tissue. This leads to deeper icing of the injured area and faster pain relief!
Why Ice + Compression?
The combination of ice with focused compression is significantly cooler, due to improved skin contact. The injured tissue maintains its cool, leading to a faster and better return of motion. Effective and fast = great results
CryoPress on those Pain Points
The CryoPress Ice Compression Wrap is a versatile device that is designed to fit all major parts of your body. The three detachable velcro straps enable you to strap the ice gel pads wherever you want, giving you a snug yet comfortable fit.
Step 1
Chill the ice gel pad in the freezer for 2 hours
Step 2
Attach the ice gel pad on the compression pad. Press till the velcro adheres.
Step 3
Attach the detachable strap on the compression pad & strap it around the desired area. Then loop the strap to the other end till you get a comfortable fit.
Step 4
Attach the ball pump, switch this device on and pump till you reach the desired level of compression.
CryoPress to the Rescue
Experiencing headaches, migraines, eye allergies and even weariness? Use Caresmith CryoPress! The ice gel pack coupled with targeted compression is super effective in reducing symptoms of a variety of ailments. This one device has multiple benefits, making it an incredible long term investment!