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Caresmith MIST Personal Steamer

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  • STEAM INHALATION BENEFITS | Caresmith MIST helps provide year-round symptomatic relief from cough and congestion caused by colds, seasonal allergies, and sinusitis.It moisturizes dry irritated nasal passages and alleviates inflammation of the throat.
  • POWERFUL NANO STEAM | MIST uses nano-steam technology that is not only gentler on the skin but also penetrates 10x deeper than ordinary steamers or vaporizers.
  • FAST.POWERFUL.COMPACT | Caresmith MIST uses 300W power to generate super-fine steam in only 20 seconds! With a 50ml water tank, the steam generation lasts for 6-8 minutes without any need for refilling.
  • SAFETY & WARRANTY | At Caresmith, we always believe in safety first. MIST is designed to stop any spillage or spouting of water. The nozzle design prevents accidental sprinkling of hot water from the outlet. And, if in the rare chance you’re facing an issue with MIST we offer a 1 year manufacturing warranty.
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Caresmith MIST Is A Must!
Caresmith MIST is a handy device that provides double the benefits. Use it for steam inhalation to get year-round symptomatic relief from cough and congestion. Or use it for facial steaming- a natural and effective way of cleaning your pores and getting that flawless skin!
No Heat Worries
Auto shut-off technology ensures that the device switches on only when filled with water. This protects the steamer from over-heating and ensures it lasts for a long time!
M(I)ST Always Be Careful
Caresmith MIST’s nozzle is designed to prevent any accidental spouting or sprinkling of hot water. Your safety is our top most priority!
M(I)ST Be Perfect For You
Caresmith MIST cares for you. The nano mist steam discharges at 40 Degrees Celcius prevents scalding or skin damage. Use MIST once, and you’ll never look back.
Intelligent Design
Caresmith MIST comes with a sturdy and handy grip. This makes it easy to carry and manage every time you feel the need for a smooth inhalation or facial therapy.
Out With The Old, In With The MIST
Caresmith MIST generates super fine steam which can penetrate 10 times more effectively that an ordinary steaming appliance.!This micro-hydration device is perfect to provide relief against cold and sinus infections and also helps in rejuvenating your skin.
MIST For The Win
We all want a steamer that doesn’t give up or need multiple refills. Caresmith MIST has a 50ml water tank capacity that allows for 6-8 minutes long steam production. Strong and steady always wins, so you know that MIST is the best.
Hear No MIST
Searching for a steamer that doesn’t sound like a thunderous waterfall? Choose Caresmith MIST, a top-notch appliance that is both noise and odour free.
Never Miss The MIST
Small and lightweight, Caresmith MIST is an ultra compact device that you can always carry with you. MIST is also easy to clean and store, making it the perfect travel companion.
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