Caresmith EVOLVE Travel Pillow

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  • VERSATILE SUPPORT | Evolve is the only neck pillow that can be used in 6 different ways! Never struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position again with Evolve.
  • PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM | Evolve uses responsive memory foam that molds to your unique body contour providing you with the best support needed for all the vital areas of your head and neck.
  • STRONG SUPPORT | Caresmith Evolve pillow is designed to always provide ergonomic support, regardless of your neck position. The pillow gently cradles your head, neck, chin and shoulders allowing you to rest in any orientation while still enjoying 360-degree relief.
  • HIGH QUALITY | Designed to last long, Evolve is created with high end premium quality materials. Our superior memory foam core is protected by a machine washable cover that is soft and cosy, making you feel at ease when travelling anywhere. Additionally, Evolve comes with a 6-month warranty, in case you do experience those rare situations where this pillow isn’t working out for you.
  • CONVENIENT TRAVEL POUCH | The pillow compacts to half its size and can be easily stored in the carry pouch provided. The adjustable clasp drawstrings on the pillow and the pouch make it easy to attach on backpacks or travel bags which is not only convenient but also saves a ton of space!
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It’s time to evolve from the old. Introducing Caresmith Evolve - the world’s best-engineered neck travel pillow. The only pillow that can be used in 6 different orientations, Evolve prevents head drop and releases tension that overstrains neck and shoulder position.
Basic Position
Need some neck support during your everyday activities? Caresmith Evolve is the perfect neck pillow that is long-lasting and supportive.
Side Support
Let’s face it, we all love dozing off against the window or your seat mate’s shoulder. With Evolve, side sleep away to glory!
Lumbar Support
Who says neck pillows can’t be used to cushion your back? Evolve is surprisingly comfortable and provides just the right amount of support required.
Power Napping
Sometimes great naps come at the cost of terrible neck aches. Sleep on Evolve and banish those neck aches forever!
Car Neck Pillow
Car seats are annoying and strain your neck & back. Evolve provides ergonomic support that helps your rides become strain-free.
Wedge Pillow
Lying on your back, on your bed, all cosy is the best feeling ever. To make this a relaxing experience pick Caresmith Evolve. This cushiony pillow won’t disappoint.
Evolve In Style
Neck pillows are essential be it on a flight, a road trip or even when relaxing on your couch. Evolve with its premium memory foam and ergonomic support will make sure you NEVER experience neck ache again. How cool is that?
Evolve Comfortably
Caresmith Evolve comes with an adjustable front clasp that customizes fit for individual comfort. The clasp can also be used to hang your pillow just about anywhere- be it your backpack or your suitcase!
Evolve Anywhere
Let’s be honest, travel pillows take up a lot of space. But not with this travel pillow! Evolve compacts to half its size and fits in the handy travel pouch provided. Carry Evolve wherever you go without any hassle.
Evolve Everyday
Caresmith Evolve is a great everyday pillow that is super lightweight and comfortable. You’re always on cloud nine with Caresmith Evolve!