Caresmith Bloom Electric Bikini Trimmer for Women

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  • ULTIMATE BIKINI MAINTENANCE | The Caresmith Bloom Bikini Trimmer uses hypo-allergenic 18K rose gold plated blades with rounded edges that allows for smooth and hassle-free trimming: leaving the backs of your knees, underarms, and even your bikini area feeling pampered and plump!
  • NEXT GEN BLADES | The 198 degree blades are bi-directional, ensuring maximum coverage while trimming up or down. The blades are designed to trim down hair to 0.5mm, leaving you smooth and flawless. It’s the ultimate hair removal machine for women.
  • THE TRAVELLING TRIMMER | Perfect for a generation that is ever on the go, this trimmer is rechargeable and cordless. It comes with a Li-Ion battery that takes just 2 hours to charge and offers you an entire hour of smooth silky trimming experience in return!
  • A CLOSE TRIM | No cream, no soap - this is a dry trimmer that is precise and protective. Even when trimming your softest parts, the micro-fin skin protector stays on guard so you don’t have to. It’s the perfect hair remover for women
  • SOFTLY SILICON| The curved silicon handle doesn’t just feel premium but is designed to keep accidents at bay. The soft silicon material offers a perfectly comfortable grip while allowing for easy manoeuvrability.
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Handle It with Ease
Designed with a softly curved shape, the Bloom Bikini trimmer’s silicone handle provides the perfect grip for non-slip, easy guiding while wet or dry.
Bikini ready from every angle
Trim around every contour with ease, right down to 0.5mm for an even, neatly-groomed bikini area!
Glide & Slide
Specially designed with rounded micro-tips, this device slides over the body even when dry, removing hair without the need for any cream or soaps!
No Bumpy Roads
No more bumps, redness or nicks while trimming your sensitive areas. The Bloom bikini trimmer glides smoothly over every contour and the safety guard protects your skin from cuts & irritation.
Not a Hair in Sight
Cordless and lightweight, Bloom is your trustworthy companion for that quick touch up- anytime, anywhere. Never worry about tufts of unwanted hair again!
Tap, press, eject!
Designed to eject at the press of a button, removing the blade for cleaning and maintenance was never this easy!
The flexible and angled head glides up & down following your curves, ensuring maximum coverage every time!
Always on Guard
The skin guard protector is designed to smoothly stretch your skin tight while trimming. Its the silent vigilante that keeps the sharp edges away from your sensitive parts
Smooth & Easy, Always Wins
The rounded trimming teeth keep the sharp edges away from your skin. Confidently trim your sensitive areas without any fear whatsoever!
Precision is Key
The hypo-allergenic, curve sensing blades help reduce irritation while providing ultimate closeness. No nicks, no cuts. Just pure efficiency.