Caresmith Bloom Face Sculpt Face Roller for Women

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  • PREMIUM METAL FACE ROLLER - Unlike other flimsy plastic 3D rollers, the Bloom Facial Roller is ALL METAL. Its sleek design is crafted out of durable zinc alloy that has a cooling effect on the skin, relieving stress from facial muscles while also boosting blood circulation!
  • SKIN REJUVENATION | Using the Bloom roller will transform your skincare routine! This face massager for women preserves skin elasticity and promotes lymphatic drainage. The gentle massage rejuvenates the skin, provides firming, reduces wrinkles, and tones the facial muscles. Use it for just 10 minutes a day to see a difference!
  • DURABLE & STURDY - Tired of choosing between style and effectiveness? The Facial Roller makes the decision simple with its glossy, sleek metal body and a sturdy durability that can make it a part of your skincare routine for years to come.
  • V SHAPED DESIGN: While the zinc-alloy roller heads has a cooling effect on the skin, the v-shaped structure takes the effectiveness further by carefully cradling the delicate skin of your face for better kneading and lifting
  • 360 DEGREES ROTATING HEADS - The rotating heads lift, smoothen and sculpt all angles and contours of your face — gently massaging your face, reducing dark circles, and leaving behind clear, firmer skin!
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Contour, craft, caress
The sleek zinc-alloy 3D roller is crafted to have a cooling effect on your skin. As you lift and caress every contour of your face, it closes pores, improves blood circulation, and reduces stubborn eye bags by encouraging lymphatic drainage.
Zinc alloy cooling
The zinc alloy heads glide over the surface of your skin and leave behind a cooling touch that closes pores and improves firmness.
Sleek metal body
A smooth undulating finish that not only gives it a premium look but cools, caresses, and rejuvenates the angles and curves of your face with the efficiency of a master sculptor!
Durable and sturdy
Unlike cheap plastic rollers available in the market, the Caresmith Facial Sculpt Roller is crafted out of durable Zinc alloy that improves efficiency and ensures a build that lasts long. Really long.
Bloom with glorious skin
Contour, de-puff, massage and seal in skincare for your face and neck with this nifty little device. Because why settle when you can have it all.
Firm, fair, fabulous
The undulating v-shaped handle gently cradles your skin as you lift, knead, and caress the contours of your cheeks, the angles of your jaw, and the curve of your neck.
A sculptor’s joy
The heads rotate a full 360 degrees to ensure every nook, every cranny, and angle of your face and neck are massaged and lifted with equal care and efficiency!
Depuff dark circles
The cool zinc-alloy surface encourages lymphatic drainage to help depuff the stubbornest eye bags
Cool as a cucumber
The carefully curved surface has a metal finish that has a cooling effect on your skin, helping close pores and encouraging firmness. One may even stick it in the refrigerator overnight for added efficiency.
A glow that lasts
Carefully press the rotating metal heads against your skin and massage away the worry lines off your forehead, close the open pores on your cheek, and give your neck a Greek-sculpted finesse. Add your favorite serum, oil, or moisturizer for deeper penetration that leaves your skin glowing for days!