Caresmith SPARK Junior Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush (Space Edition)

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  • SPECIAL SPACE ODYSSEY EDITION | Let your child explore their adventurous side with a collection of waterproof stickers of stars, planets and adorable little animals in space. Design your Spark Junior the way you want!
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR KIDS | Spark Junior has been developed to provide high frequency, low amplitude bristle vibrations: optimized for children. The high frequency of 40000 strokes/min ensure a superior deep clean compared to manual brushing. The low amplitude (70% lower than adult electric toothbrushes) makes sure that kids have an easier time adjusting to the vibration sensation.
  • WATERPROOF & PORTABLE | Spark Junior’s waterproof design makes it unafraid of some good old-fashioned playtime fun!. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts up to 30 days on a single charge, making it as portable as it is efficient!
  • SOFT AS A FEATHER | Designed for small mouths and sensitive gums, the super soft Dupont bristles gently takes care of your child’s oral hygiene. Weighing a mere 56grams, Spark Junior automatic toothbrush is comfortable to hold, easy to maneuver and designed to fit right into small hands and mouths.
  • SMART TIMER FOR SMARTER FUNCTIONING | The Spark Junior electric brush for kids comes with a 2-minute Smart Timer that ensures that children follow the recommended brushing time and develop good oral hygiene habits
  • 6 MODES FOR ADDED COMFORT | 6 Dynamic modes – including the High, Medium, and Low Intensity, a Deep Clean, Gum and Sensitive Care modes 
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Spark, Stars, and Spaceships
Designed for curious little space explorers, Spark Junior comes with space stickers — a collection of adorable animals no less — that make it truly unique and a massive kid favorite. The shimmery, vinyl stickers were created knowing every child is different and every different child needs a toothbrush that reflects there curious explorers in them!
Feather-soft Bristles
The Spark Junior is not just about cuteness and animals in space. Its ultra-soft Dupont bristles are specially chosen and designed to be gentle on young mouths. The result is a feather-light brush that is still efficient enough to battle germs and food residue with ease.
Splash-proof and Playtime-friendly
Water is for splashing! So, we let the children in our hearts create a toothbrush that is not afraid of some good old playtime in the water. The Spark Junior is extraordinarily water-resistant, letting kids be themselves and make a game out of usually boring brushing time
Easy Grip, No Slippage!
The cylindrical body of the toothbrush makes for a clever design that allows small, soft hands to grab the toothbrush with minimum risk of slippage. This means no accidents, no tantrums — just unadulterated brush-time fun!
Nifty yet Noiseless
The Spark Junior is made to create little vibration and even less noise. After all, we don’t want annoying noises to distract our little space explorers and interrupt the fun, do we?
Make Brush-time Fun with the Spark Junior
Forget having to drag disgruntled little ones to the bathroom before and after bedtime every day. The uniqueness of this toothbrush will keep your child waiting for brush-time, inspiring great brushing habits. The smart timer — with its 2-minute brushing time and 30 second intervals for each side — makes sure your child gets just what the doctor ordered.
Dislodges Stubborn Food Bits
Small bits of candy and wiggly little noodle bits- it can get rid of it all and then some.
Battles Bacteria
Say goodbye to germs and cavity-causing bacteria with the Spark Junior. The bristles may be soft but, as it operates at 40000 strokes/minute, it carefully cleans off all existing germs and reduces the chance of future germ build-up
Improves Saliva Production
The bristles gently massage your gums to improve blood and saliva circulation. When it comes to improved oral hygiene, proper saliva production is indispensable. It washes out food bits and keeps your teeth sparkling clean!