Caresmith Pro+ Cordless Oral Flosser

  • INDIA’S 1ST DIY MODE- With an adjustable water pressure feature, Pro+ Flosser allows you to set the water intensity that suits your oral hygiene needs! The Pro+ also comes with an additional 3 standard modes- Normal, Soft & Pulse that have been specially calibrated by experts to provide the optimal flossing experience!
  • 300 ML LARGE CAPACITY WATER TANK- Pro+ Flosser has the largest capacity tank available & provides continuous flossing for an entire session. The removable full-opening design allows thorough cleaning thus preventing formation of bacteria and limescale deposits!
  • DUAL WATERPROOF DESIGN, The IPX7 waterproof design is adopted both internally and externally to provide dual protection. The intelligent ANTI-LEAK design prevents leakage and allows the dental flosser to be used safely under the running water.
  • ADVANCED NOZZLE DESIGN- Your Pro+ Flosser now comes with 2 jet tips. The 360° rotatable jet tip design with a narrow 0.6mm opening allows easy cleaning & helps prevent tooth decay, dental plaque, dental calculus, gingival bleeding and dental hypersensitivity.
  • CORDLESS & QUALITY ASSURANCE, Cordless and lightweight, the Pro+ is the ultimate portable power flosser. The flosser also comes with 1 year warranty on the operation of the unit so that you can continue flossing without any hassles!
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Say goodbye to traditional flossing!
The new & advanced Pro+ Flosser comes with pulse-modulation technology that provides 99% plaque removal, enhanced gum stimulation and improved circulation. Say hello to the latest in oral care hygiene!
India 1st Do-It-Yourself Mode!
Featuring an innovative and contemporary design, the Caresmith Pro+ cordless flosser comes with India’s 1st Do-It-Yourself Mode where you can set the water pressure that best suits you!
Features Galore!
The Caresmith Pro+ Flosser comes power packed with cool features! The smart memory feature remembers your last preferred mode for flossing. The fully detachable tank opens up completely, making it easy to filland also allowing thorough cleaning. The travel friendly pouch ensures that you are ready to floss anytime, anywhere!
Deep cleaning for your teeth
The Pro+ Flosser shoots water pulses up to 1700 times/minute which helps remove 99% more plaque and cleans deep between teeth and under the gumline!