Caresmith SPARK Infinity Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush (Black)

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  • BEST IN CLASS 41800 STROKES/MIN - Powered by a superior sonic motor, the Caresmith Spark Infinity produces up to 41,800 micro-brushes per minute, efficiently loosening food particles, bacteria and stains with ease.

  • 4 BRISTLE HEADS & TRAVEL CASE – The Dupont bristles are soft yet firm, providing a comfortable and invigorating cleaning experience. Spark Infinity also comes with a convenient travel case so that you can carry your electric toothbrush wherever you go!

  • 1 HOUR CHARGE LASTS 30 DAYS – The powerful rechargeable battery offers up to 30 days of continuous use on 1 single charge! The toothbrush is also compatible with all USB power sources and features auto shut-off technology.

  • SMART AUTO TIMER – The Caresmith Spark Infinity features a Smart timer with Quad Auto Interval technology that switches the device off after 2 minutes, pausing every 30 seconds to remind you to switch sides.

  • 5 HIGH PERFORMANCE BRUSHING MODES – The Caresmith Spark Infinity electric tooth brush comes with 5 distinct cleaning modes to suit all types of gums and teeth.
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Why Sonic Technology?
Spark Infinity vibrates at 24000-41800 strokes per minute. In comparison, oscillating electric toothbrushes rotate only 1300-1800 strokes per minute. Sonic technology provides a very thorough clean, because not only does it clean the surface of your teeth by breaking up the plaque, but also the hard to reach areas of your mouth. Reap the rewards of pure sonic pulse technology with Spark Infinity.
4 Bristles Heads provided
With smooth, soft bristles, the Spark Infinity brush heads delivers a thorough & comfortable brushing experience
Full ingress protection
The IPX7 waterproof design prevents any water damage and allows hassle free brushing on the sink or in the shower
Powerful yet noiseless
Less noise and great comfort with an ultra-quiet motor while in use.
Next-Gen electric toothbrush
Taking care of your oral health is now easy. Spark Infinity features advanced Sonic Technology to gently remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas. With a sturdy travel case, large enough to even fit your tube of toothpaste, Spark Infinity is your perfect travel companion!
Smart and helpful timer
Spark Infinity use a two-minute timer, which results in users brushing their teeth for a longer period of time than when using manual toothbrushes. This ensures you’re removing more plaque and keeping your teeth and gums free of cavity-causing bacteria. The 30 seconds Quad Interval lets you know when you've spent just the right amount of time cleaning each part of your mouth.
Plaque no more
Spark Infinity helps in reducing plaque formation, stimulating saliva production, dislodging stubborn food bits & reducing coffee, tea stains. This results in healthier, whitier teeth with just a month of consistent use!