Revive Electric Handheld Head Massager

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  • NEW AGE HEAD MASSAGER: The all in one Revive head massager comes with four 360 degree rotating heads and 96 soft silicon bristles offering you the most relaxing, tangle-free and soothing massage! You can also use this head massager with your favourite hair oil as the silicon heads are detachable and can be cleaned & washed.The gentle rotating action encourages endorphin release and improves blood circulation which can reduce headaches and lead to better hair growth.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Revive scalp massager is ergonomically designed to fit right into your palm while offering easy and efficient one-handed operation. The rubberized back prevents slippage while the petite, slightly curved body helps you reach the sorest spots of your head or body.

  • RECHARGEABLE & CORDLESS: The Caresmith hair massager is designed to be enjoyed on the go. So, it is compact enough to fit into your handbag. All it takes is the press of one button and you can feel the soothing effects of its massages while on the plane, in a car, or in the comfort of your living room. It also comes with a powerful battery which lasts up to 7 days on a full charge!

  • FULL BODY MASSAGER: While Revive has been engineered for head massaging, the soft silicone bristles coupled with the soothing rotating action ensures that it can also be comfortably used to massage other parts of the body such as your neck, shoulders, knees and more.
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Teases all your worries away!
The Regular mode is perfect for rejuvenating massages that relieve tension and improve blood circulation. The Deep mode relieves headaches & fatigue, stimulates hair follicles, and encourages growth. The Pulsating mode toggles between the Normal and Deep mode, relaxing your muscles and helping you catch up on some good old shut-eye.
Designed for the gentlest massages
The four heads come with soft silicone bristles that gently massage your scalp or your other body parts — improving circulation to your hair follicles and skin cells and encouraging cell repair.
Pets go gaga over it
Revive has many fans and your beloved furbaby will soon be one of them! Spend quality time with your pets with this massager, letting its gentle bristles massage their head as you slowly brush them with it. It helps relax their muscles and promotes fur growth and shine
Reliable anti-slip grip
The ergonomically designed compact massager fits right into the palm of your hand. It comes with a rubberized body that resists slippage and helps you reach every tensed muscle and contour of your body.
One massager to rule them all
The Revive massager is as powerful as it is nifty. Use it to tease away headaches and improve blood circulation to your hair follicles. Or carefully massage tensed muscles on your neck and thighs. Stiff shoulders or an aching knee? Revive’s Deep and Pulsating modes are designed to relax tense spots & encourage endorphin release — fighting pain and rejuvenating you from within!
Revive with the click of a button
Caresmith’s Revive little massager eases all your stresses away. Its ergonomically designed body can be operated with the click of a single button. Just long-press to turn it on or off or switch between regular, deep and pulsating modes using short clicks, making it perfect for easy, one-handed operation.
Zen Mode On!
Opt for a deep, revitalising massages while snuggled on your couch. The 360-degree rotating massager heads imitates human fingers as they gently work on your sore spots and tease away exhaustion from your body — leaving you feeling stress-free and rejuvenated even after the most tiring of days!