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SIFT+ Shower & Tap Filter

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1.5X TIMES LARGER FILTER | Engineered for Indian water conditions, the Caresmith SIFT+ is 50% LARGER than standard shower filters available in the market. | If you’re looking for a HEAVY DUTY shower filter to target hard water, chemicals and chlorine then Caresmith SIFT+ is the shower filter for you!

Caresmith SIFT+ does NOT REDUCE TDS or HARDNESS | The SIFT+ converts chlorine and other dangerous impurities to harmless salts. As a result, TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) may NOT reduce, however rest be assured that your water is a lot more safer and free from contaminants!

REJUVENATE HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS | Chlorinated and chemical ridden water can cause itchy skin, flaky dandruff, eczema, bone-dry hair and brittle nails. The Caresmith SIFT+ shower filter’s unique 10-Stage system reduces hair fall, protects skin and removes bad odours from your shower water.

EASY SELF INSTALLATION | Fits All 1/2" Standard Wall Shower Heads, Hand-Held Showers, 24mm & 28mm Aerator Taps

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Did you know that one of the top reasons for frizzy dry hair, dull skin and brittle nails is chlorinated bath water?
With its unique 10 layer filtration system, the Caresmith SIFT+ Shower Filter is here to banish chlorine, heavy metals and harmful chemicals from your life!
Still confused as to why you need a Shower FIlter?
Say goodbye to itchy skin
Chlorine is notorious for causing 'irritant dermatisis'. This means, it reacts with your skin causing itchiness, red skin and even hives! Banish chlorine once and for all with the SIFT+!
Clean, clear shower water
Looking forward to a germ-free shower? Use SIFT+ which contains bacteriostatics such as Nano Silver and KDF-55 that inhibit growth of micro-organisms and bacteria.
Preserve that natural look
Chlorinated water strips away all the natural oils, making hair drier, fragile and eventually leading to hairfall. Get rid of excess chlorine with SIFT+ and never have a bad hair day!
Smell fresh like a daisy!
Your water may smell like sewage because of bacteria and other harmful contaminants. Uncover and eliminate these culprits with the SIFT+ Shower Filter.
Heavy Duty Filter with No Fillers
Unlike other shower filters, Caresmith SIFT+ has no unnecessary added fillers. Caresmith SIFT+ is carefully engineered to perform one job only: target and remove chlorine and other toxic contaminants from your shower water.
DIY Installation
We provide all the basic tools required for easy installation of the shower filter. Just follow the basic steps mentioned in the user manual. Trust us, it's that simple!Insert your text here
Know when its time to replace
Wouldn't you like to know when your shower filter cartridge needs to be replaced? We've got you covered with a simple system to let you know it's time for a change!
Premium filter layers
We only use NSF cerified imported KDF-55 and enforced Calcium Sulphite in our Shower Filters. Rest assured, you only get the best when you use a Caresmith SIFT+ Shower FIlter
Suitable for Overhead Showers
The Caresmith SIFT+ Shower FIlter can be easily installed on all standard 1/2" shower connections
Suitable for Hand-Showers
The Caresmith SIFT+ Shower FIlter can be easily installed on all standard 1/2" shower connections
Suitable for Taps & Faucets
The Caresmith SIFT+ Shower FIlter can be easily installed on all standard 24mm & 28mm aerator taps.