Caresmith RAY UV Sterilizer Box | 2 UV-C LEDs for 99.9% Sterilization in 6 Minutes | UV sterilizer Box | UV Light

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  • KILLS 99.9% GERMS | Caresmith RAY UV-C Sterilizer is engineered to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just 3-6 minutes. It can be used to effectively sterilize items such as electronic gadgets, fruits and vegetables, masks, household items and even delivery packages!
  • 2 STERILIZATION CONTAINERS | The collapsible tent lets you sterilize multiple items in one go. Please ensure the tent is FULLY OPENED before putting the UV device on the top. The middle line on the side of the tent should be facing OUTWARDS. A compact box lets you sterilize smaller items such as phones, keys & masks with ease.
  • ADVANCED UV-C LEDs | Caresmith RAY uses state-of-the-art UV-C LEDs that are robust, compact and have greater germ-killing abilities than ordinary Mercury UV lamps. Even hospitals prefer using UV-C LEDs to decontaminate operational devices and surgical rooms! The main device comes with a powerful 2000 mAH rechargeable battery, letting you use RAY for up to 30 days on 1 single charge.
  • INTELLIGENT SAFETY FEATURE | The Caresmith RAY UV Light Sterilizer has been designed with an intelligent on-switch so that no accidental UV light is exposed to your skin and eyes. Your safety is our priority and Caresmith RAY promises to protect you and your loved ones from harmful germs and viruses.
  • WHAT IS UV-C LIGHT | UV-C light is widely used for sanitisation, as it possesses powerful germ-killing properties. UV-C light has a short wavelength that can penetrate the cells of microscopic organisms, killing them or rendering them inactive.
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Clean & Fresh Food
Fruits & Vegetables are covered with germs and viruses from handling. Use RAY for clean, safe to consume food.
Safe Baby Products
You always want the best for your child. Sterilize toys, pacifiers and a lot more with Caresmith RAY. After all, a healthy baby = a happy you!
Protect Your Everyday Essentials
Masks, gloves & phones are a prime breeding ground for disease causing microorganisms. Stay worry-free with this handy UV Sterilizer!
Hygienic Home
Toothbrushes, lipsticks & makeup brushes are riddled with germs. Use RAY to sterilize these essentials on a daily basis!
Secure Your Packages
Delivery packages not only come with your items but also a lot of unwanted germs. Use RAY to sterilize your packages before you tear them open!
Clean Essentials
Viruses can last for up to 24 hrs on surfaces such as keys, wallets & money. Get rid of them with RAY before they enter your house!Insert your text here
RAY Leaves No One
Caresmith RAY ensures no germ or bacteria is left behind. Its reflective surface allows 360-degree sterilization, making it certain that no harmful bacteria survives. The 2 advanced UV-C LEDs provide strong germicidal intensity with lesser exposure time.
RAY Your Trusted Companion
Caresmith RAY is lightweight and portable, which means that you can take this along with you literally, everywhere. If there is ever a need to sterilize an item, your trusted UV-C light sterilizer will be there for you.
Eternal RAY
RAY is a smart device that can be charged with any ordinary USB cable. With a powerful 2000 mAH rechargeable battery, one single charge lasts as long as 30 days! So, in case of a disinfection emergency, you won’t have to fret because your RAY sterilizer will be charged and ready to use.
Intelligent RAY
Caresmith RAY comes with an auto-magnetic switch, that ensures the sterilizer switches ON only when placed inside the provided containers. This has been specially engineered to protect your skin & eyes from accidental exposure to the UV light. Because your safety is our utmost priority.
Essential RAY
RAY is designed to cater to your every sterilization need. The sterilization tent can be opened up to sterilize a large number of objects at the same time. Sterilize everything in one go with your handy RAY UV sterilizer!