Caresmith ZAP Disinfectant Spray Maker | Safe for Fruits & Vegetables |All-Purpose Powerful Cleaner | Sanitizer Spray

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WHAT IS ZAP? | ZAP is a device that turns WATER & common SALT into a powerful disinfectant. Simply add salt & water into the device and switch on the device. Using the power of electricity, ZAP makes a homemade disinfectant spray with the ability to kill 99.9% of germs & bacteria! No Preservatives, No Additives; All Natural

HOW DOES ZAP WORK? | Zap uses electrolysis to create Electrolysed (EO) Water. When an electrical current passes through a mixture of Salt & Water, it creates Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a powerful yet gentle oxidant. HOCl destroys germs & bacteria in a matter of minutes! It is also the same substance that your IMMUNE SYSTEM produce to keep you healthy!

DOES ZAP REALLY WORK? | Zap’s effectiveness can be calculated by measuring it’s Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP). ORP indicates the disinfecting power of a solution. ZAP generates an ORP of 700-900 mV*, which can kill bacteria such as e-coli in less than 5 seconds! So yes, it really does work!

WHAT CAN I DISINFECT USING ZAP? | Safe & Natural, the disinfectant ZAP makes can be used for pretty much everything such as Fruits, Veggies, Delivery Packages, Door Handles, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Furniture and even your Shoes! The device comes in a convenient spray bottle design which is ready to use the moment you prepare the disinfectant solution

WHY HAVEN’T I HEARD OF EO WATER BEFORE? | The technology to make EO water has actually been around for years, but required expensive industrial-size equipment but we've managed to miniaturize the device to make it more affordable & portable

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Add 300ml Water
Add Salt
Shake the Bottle
Electrolyse for 8 Minutes
Clean & Fresh Food
Spray the fruits & vegetables thoroughly or soak in solution for 10 mins. Rinse under running water.
Handle the Handles
Spray thoroughly on door handles and knobs. Wipe dry after 10 mins.
Wipe Your Floor Clean
Spray thoroughly on the floor. Wipe dry or air dry after 10 mins.
Spotless Kitchen
Spray thoroughly on kitchen surfaces such as sinks, dishes and fridges. Wipe dry after 10 mins.
Bathroom Hygiene
Spray thoroughly on bathroom surfaces. Wipe dry after 10 mins.
Care For Your Car
Spray thoroughly on car seats, steering wheels and car handles. Wipe dry after 10 mins.
Disinfect Your Furniture
Spray thoroughly on sofas, chairs and tables. Wipe dry after 10 mins.
Secure Your Packages
Spray thoroughly on delivery packages and food containers. Wipe dry after 10 mins.
ZAP A Day Keeps The Bacteria Away
Hypochlorous Acid, the active germ killing ingredient in EO water starts to dissipate over time. That means a bottle of Electrolyzed Water sitting on a store shelf will lose its efficacy within just a few days. With ZAP, prepare fresh solution daily without losing any of its awesome germ killing powers!
Sustainable Disinfectant
ZAP is pretty remarkable as it not only destroys germs and bacteria but also removes the need to buy other disinfectantwhich use toxic chemicals!
Fresh Is Always Better
Preparing disinfectant is quick and easy. It literally takes 8 minutes, so you can prepare a fresh batch daily.
ZAP uses state-of-the-art electrodes, that are specially designed to be resistant to wear & tear, making ZAP a long lasting germ killing machine.
Don’t Just Say It, Spray It
Disinfect those hard-to-reach areas using the Jet Spray mode. For widespread disinfection use the Mist Spray mode and get maximum coverage.