Table Top Pro Dental Flosser

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10 ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE SETTINGS- With 1250-1700 pulses/min and 30-125 PSI adjustable water pressure, Caresmith Table Top Pro Flosser can power away plaque and debris between the teeth and below the gumline, providing with a comfortable and customized cleaning experience for professional use.

8 INTERCHANGEABLE JET TIPS- Caresmith Table Top Pro Dental Flosser comes with 8 Jet Tips that cater to every Professional Use - a) 4 Classic Jet Tips b) 1 Tongue Cleaner Tip c) 1 Orthodontic Tip d) 1 Periodontal Tip e) 1 Dental Plaque Tip.

600ML TANK CAPACITY WITH LEAK-PROOF DESIGN | Caresmith Table Top Pro Dental Flosser comes with an extra-large storage tank and provides continuous flossing for an entire heavy-duty session. The ANTI-LEAK design prevents leakage and protects the flosser from electrical damage.

LIGHTWEIGHT HANDLE & 130CM BPA FREE HOSE | Caresmith Table Top Pro Oral Irrigator comes with an ON/OFF switch on the handle so that you can pause at any time during use. Furthermore, it weighs only 25 gms, making it easy to use. The 130cm retractable high quality BPA free hose automatically restores to its original shape after every use.

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A unique combination of water jet pressure and pulsations cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline, providing 99% plaque removal & removing harmful bacteria & debris. Improve your dental care and oral hygiene with a Caresmith Table Top Pro Flosser.
Wide Range of Pressure Settings
With 10 operation modes, you can choose what most suits the teeth & gums
Anti-Slip Suction Cups
Comes with 4 strong suction cups for sturdy mounting on any surface
Easy Hold & Control
Engineered with a comfortable grip for easy hold & control during use
BPA Free High Quality Hose
The 130 cm hose provides complete flexibility, allowing you to clean every corner of the mouth thoroughly
High-Volume Water Reservoir
The 600 ML high-volume reservoir provides 150 seconds of uninterrupted cleaning without any refills!
Full Ingress Protection
The intelligent ANTI-LEAK system stops leakages & prevents any water related damages to the flosser
In-Lid Tip Storage
The compact container keeps all the tips in 1 convenient location & safeguards them against dust & damage

8 Interchangeable Jet Tips included

Classic Jet Tips - 4 tips included for Oral Hygiene

Dental Plaque Tip - Implants, Crowns & Retainers: Removes bacteria & debris from hard to reach areas around dental restorations

Orthodontic Tip - Specially designed to reach underneath wires & around brackets to remove plaque

Periodontal Tip - Periodontal Pockets: Gently delivers medicaments and rinses deep below the gumline

TongueCleaner Tip - Uses the water flow to gently clean the coating on the upper layer of the tongue