EON Electric Hot Water Bag

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THE MOST ADVANCED ELECTRIC HOT WATER BAG | Safer, Stronger, Softer. The Caresmith Eon electric hot water bag comes with an all new design with 6 layers of protection, patented silicon heating system and charger with auto-shut off technology. No more cheap rusty electrodes, sharp edges, or a single layer insulation.

HEATS QUICKLY & LASTS LONG | Rechargeable means you will never have to waste time or energy on boiling water and pouring it into a water bottle again. One full charge can last for up to 2-4 hours without losing heat . It requires no refill, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Superior to any hot water bottle, electric blankets, or disposable heating pads.

TRIPLE PROTECTION | The Caresmith Eon is the only hot water bag that provides 3 modes of protection via: i) Intelligent thermostat with auto cut-off temperature of 70 degrees C ii) Triple temperature fuse and iii) Power supply with mechanical switch.

1 YEAR WARRANTY | The Caresmith Eon comes with a 1 year warranty so that you can now purchase with confidence.

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A hot water bag is a must-have in any household. But no one wants to waste valuable time heating water and worse, getting burnt by scalding hot water! Don't worry, there's a far simpler way. The Caresmith EON way.
The Caresmith EON electric hot water bag is rechargeable which means you will never have to waste time boiling water. It requires no refill, is energy-saving and lasts for hours at a time!
Premium to the Core
With a patented heating mechanism, the high temperature-resistant silicone coil assures a safe heat therapy experience with just the right amount of pampering. Vastly superior to any hot water bag you've used before, the Caresmith EON is a culmination of technology and comfort!
Hold Close for Chills & Aches
Experience no more flu chills with the warmth of the Caresmith EON - your most huggable buddy when recuperating!
Banish aches with its handy size by positioning it where it hurts most
Snuggle in Warm & Comfortable
The EON hot water bag placed in your bed makes for a comfy night especially during cold winters.
Just warm up, tuck under your blanket and slide into your comfy cocoon!
Ease Tummy Cramps & Muscle Soreness
Slip the EON into its lush cover and use it directly on skin to get through even the most awful days!
Apply to sore muscles after a tiring workout for some gentle and soothing heat therapy
Gets WARM. Seriously FAST. Stays WARM. Seriously LONG.
The Caresmith EON requires less than 10 mins to heat up completely. Furthermore the 6 layers of insulation traps the heat inside, thus provides comforting heat therapy for hours! With industry-best technology, this hot water bag is designed to provide you consistent comforting heat remedy with SPEED, CONVENIENCE & SAFETY.
Smart Shut-Off at the Optimum Temperature
The Caresmith EON ensures that you have the perfect therapy experience, every time, time after time. No dangerous boiling, just pure warm bliss
Engineered with Care with your Safety in Mind
All of Caresmith EON's parts have been carefully insulated and tested to ensure that you don't ever have to worry whilst enjoying the benefits of convenience and comfort
Pressure Based Charging
The Caresmith EON will automatically stop charging when the water inside has reached the optimum temperature, Plug it in, and come back in 6-10min for some great heating up!