PULSE Portable TENS Physiotherapy Machine

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  • Your Pocket Pain Reliever | Caresmith Pulse Massager alleviates pain using low-voltage electric current (also known as TENS). No need for expensive physiotherapy sessions; just apply the TENS pad where needed for drug-free instant pain relief.

  • No Batteries or Charging Required | The Pulse TENS Massager uses your phone as a power source. Just plug into any Android device or iPhone and enjoy natural soothing pain relief on the go.

  • Multi-functional TENS Massager | Caresmith Pulse Portable TENS Massager comes with 5 modes suitable for all sorts of soreness, aches and pains. Each mode has 15 different intensities to choose from to suit your comfort level.

  • NOTE | Read the user manual carefully before using the TENS massager.

  • Super Compact & Portable | Weighing in at only 30 gms, the Pulse TENS Massager fits snugly in your pocket. Relax and enjoy an invigorating massage wherever you are- be it at work, home or even while travelling!
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Easy to use and incredibly portable, the Caresmith PULSE Portable TENS Massager is designed to therapeutically provide relief from any type of muscular pain wherever you are, whenever you need it!
Extra gel pads for you!
The Pulse TENS Massager comes with 2 pairs of self-adhesive premium quality gel pads that can be reused up to 50 times each.
No harm to your phone
Your phone is your most valuable asset and we intend to keep it that way. Our built-in safety circuit protects your phone from any damage on use.
Snugly fits in your pocket
Every Pulse TENS Massager arrives with its own convenient carrying pouch. Store the control unit and pads in the pouch to be easily accessed when you need relief most.
No Batteries. No Charging
The Pulse TENS Massager uses your phone as a power source. Just plug into any Android device or iPhone or power bank and enjoy natural soothing pain relief on the go.
100% Natural. 100% Effective
The Caresmith Pulse TENS Massager sends minute and pleasant-feeling electrical pulses through the nerve clusters, to effectively blocking pain receptors - providing the same benefits as a strong painkiller, but without the damaging side-effects!
At Work
Sitting in an upright position for hours poses real danger to your muscles, nerves and tendons. Use the Pulse TENS Massager to get instant relief from chronic back, neck, wrist and arm pain.
At Home
Strained your neck while watching television? Slept in the uncomfortable position? Relax and enjoy a soothing massage in the comfort of your own home.
After Gym
While the health benefits of working out are obvious, the side effects such as aches and pains can be annoying. Loosen those knots, prevent soreness and boost recovery with the Pulse TENS Massager.