Caresmith ALIGN Electric Posture Corrector for Men & Women| Intelligent Vibration Sensor Prevents Slouching

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  • ELECTRIC POSTURE CORRECTOR | Caresmith ALIGN is a comfortable strap-on device that will relieve neck tension and lumbar pain. Wearing this device will improve your muscle memory and change your poor posture. ALIGN will have to be worn daily for 2-3 hours, to accelerate your progress for a good back posture and see the results as soon as 21 days!
  • SMART SENSOR | Unlike traditional posture correctors, ALIGN comes with an intelligent sensor that detects even the smallest changes in posture. It provides real-time feedback whenever you slouch. It is the only posture corrector that creates vibrations if your posture changes more than 25 degrees. These gentle vibrations will alert you to get back to your original posture.
  • EVERYDAY USE | We believe that the body has the capability of correcting itself. Caresmith ALIGN provides that gentle nudge required to aid the body in its journey of awareness. You can wear this daily during your routine activities such as watching television, during office hours, walking, cooking or even when using your phone! ALIGN does not put unnecessary pressure on your shoulders, it is extremely comfortable and easy to wear.
  • COMFORTABLE, DURABLE & ADJUSTABLE | ALIGN Smart Posture Corrector comes with premium quality stretchable straps that are soft and durable. Additionally, the adjustable buckles make the fit customized, firm and extremely comfortable.
  • EXTENSIVE BATTERY LIFE | This device may seem compact, but can last for more than 20 days on a single charge of 1.5-hours.
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Good Posture Goes a Long Way!
Suffering from lumbar and neck pain? Don’t worry, Caresmith ALIGN has your back! It not only helps realign your spine but also has an in-built smart sensor alerting you the moment you start slouching! Say hello to good back health with this one-of-a-kind Smart Posture Corrector & Trainer.
ALIGN Your Wellbeing
Unhealthy habits are difficult to get rid of, but with a personal cheerleader, nothing is impossible. Poor posture not only affects your physical health but also your mental well-being. Wearing ALIGN will correct your back health and also boost your confidence and productivity, making you rise to a whole new level.
ALIGN Your Lifestyle
Did you know on an average, 80% of individuals experience back pain? ALIGN helps reduce pain by applying sufficient pressure on the back to relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders. In addition it also trains your muscle memory to regain your natural posture!
ALIGN Your Days
Change does not occur overnight. This is also true in the case of your posture. However, by wearing ALIGN for just 2-3 hours daily you will notice a remarkable improvement in your posture & back health!
ALIGN Your Mind & Body
Caresmith ALIGN is your very own posture trainer, always reminding you to not slouch. It will systematically train your back muscle memory to regain your natural posture. But just like any good habit, the continuous wear of ALIGN and regular exercise is a must, to accelerate your posture transformation.Insert your text here
ALIGN Your Back Muscles
Caresmith ALIGN is a unique and advanced posture corrector that will help align your spine and be the gateway to a pain-free life! The smart sensor attached provides real-time feedback so that you are alert and aware of any posture changes. ALIGN aims at relieving pain and strengthening your back muscles so that you can get back to your activity-filled life.
How To Correctly Wear Caresmith ALIGN?
ALIGN is a strap-on device, you need to wear it like a backpack, one arm at a time.
How To Correctly Wear Caresmith ALIGN?
It has adjustable buckles that can be fastened upwards or downwards to tighten or loosen the fit as per your requirement. Ensure that the sensor is positioned in the center.
How To Correctly Wear Caresmith ALIGN?
Long-press the power button till you feel a single vibration and see a blue light, this means that the device is switched on. Assume your ideal posture and long press the power button once more until you feel a vibration.
How To Correctly Wear Caresmith ALIGN?
You're set to go! Whenever you slouch beyond 25 degrees, ALIGN will vibrate to remind you to reset your posture!